Who we are

Melbourne has copped a rough ride over the last few years. But there’s no keeping this city down, or putting out the creative fire that defines it. Melbourne Royalty was sparked in praise of the inextinguishable flame stoked by relentless legends. In these pages, we will share stories of homegrown renegades and local vigilantes; artists, designers, performers, epicureans, button pushers and provocateurs, the music makers and the dreamers of dreams.

Their faith is unshakeable, their resilience and ability to adapt is bulletproof. Meet the lords of the laneway and mistresses of mayhem, those who relentlessly evolve and challenge the average, find opportunity in adversity… or are just damn good at what they do, be that mixing bloody good cocktails, bossing events against all odds, or immortalising art in ink and spray paint. Flavor, seasoning, spice… all things naughty and nice. Warriors who deliver good things back into the struggling community. And people who make the tunes that soundtrack the rollercoaster of your life.

Join us to celebrate how good it feels to relentlessly follow what burns brightly inside of you. Just living is not good enough. It’s time to push the tempo.

Our service to you

We’ll be delivering signature Melbourne Royalty interviews, photoshoots and truth bombs from Melbourne’s best writers and photographers.

We are not content curators. Nothing here is recycled. We are not a news or advertising outlet. We are storytellers. Everything you see here is squeezed fresh for you. You won’t find it anywhere else.

Why are we doing it?

Melbourne Royalty is driven as a bit of a PR recovery, something to boost local businesses with people-centred content to celebrate our weird, our wonderful and those who refused to give up, or are re-emerging even stronger than before after the shitshow we endured. We are putting the talent of Melbourne front and centre like never before.

It’s about learning the true back story of the legends who matter to you – and if you agree on where their favourite place to get coffee or have a Sunday sesh is.

It’s because this city is our creative muse. Our sanctuary. Our solace. The place where our dreams came true so many times. Where we had those FUCK YEAH moments. When we ate the finest brunch in the world. When we stayed up til sunrise once again after another night howling at the moon.

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